Community-Based Program

The Community-Based Program is offered for teenage youth in the Tampa Bay area to have the opportunity to share their individual hopes and fears in a safe environment. Through structured activities, the youth learn from their mentors, their peers, and themselves. They are given the tools to build their intellectual, emotional, and relational capacity and construct an identity based on respect, accountability, and responsibility so they can embark on the path to manhood unfettered. The students engage in weekly experiences that result in enhanced relationships, increased school performance, strengthened family connections, and positive contributions to society.

Job Readiness Program

The Job Readiness Program is a partnership that has been forged between GQ and local businesses to allow youth to gain skills that equip them for various careers. All of our students open a bank account and learn money management and financial literacy using the data from their account and the money that is made from working.

STEM Quest

STEM Quest is a cross-curricular program that allows youth to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The program provides a creative space that teaches hard skills for future STEM careers in a fun and engaging setting. Such programs foster valuable 21st-century life skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration on their quest to complete STEM based challenges. 

Participants engage in a project-based program that will provide students the opportunity to increase their math proficiency, while exploring various careers. Additionally, students will increase their writing skills through developing a persuasive writing argument that will be presented in the capstone project. STEM Quest is supported with proven curriculum and experienced industry professionals that are passionate about technology and community empowerment.

Site-Based Programs

Site-Based Programs are designed to support students within schools to improve academic performance, increase attendance in school, and reduce occurrences of misbehavior. Students engage in weekly sessions that include tutoring, essential life skills, and hands on experiential learning opportunities that are supported by mentors who provide academic advice and serve as positive role models. Site-based programs can be offered in elementary, middle, and high schools.